Light of Love

God is Love. Love is the basic reason for the existence of the universe and its light has been revealed through Divine Souls. It is only brotherhood and harmony that can remove the darkness of hatred and enmity. ‘Light of Love’ is a project of the National Council for Communal Harmony started at the time of the Centenary Celebrations of our Founder Patron Padmabhushan Dr.Philipose Mar Chrisostom Mar Thoma Valiya Metropolitan to promote Love, Harmony and Secularism among the students and the youth. We have ‘Light of Love’ units in schools and colleges. They conduct various cultural activities, competitions, interfaith seminars, cultural exchange programmes, etc. to promote the concept of love, peace and harmony among the student community. The best school and college units are awarded at the District, State and National levels each year.

Light of Love

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Harmony Villages

National Council for Communal Harmony promotes harmony villages to ensure the peaceful coexistence between people of different communities. They celebrate different religious and traditional festivals together to improve the mutual respect and cooperation. Common Kitchens are organized to promote cooperation among people. The best villages will be awarded annually.

Harmony Villages

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Interfaith Dialogues

Dialogue or interaction is the core social dynamics of human beings. It has been in the world as the creative process of life, ever since human civilization took shape. Religions are abodes of the powerful revelation of God and are both the gift of the same God and the common cultural heritage of the human society. Therefore, believers of all faiths are co- pilgrims who share their journey to the same God. They need to learn from each other, have to share in the experience of the divine riches in other faiths and have to share with other believers their own experience of God. God is one, though with many faces. The spirit is one, though it has many aspects. Therefore, spirituality is one as well as life is one. Harmony of faiths or harmony among faith-based communities and fellowship coupled with collaboration among communities is what is all about interfaith dialogue. It is auspicious for India and the world that interfaith dialogue and cross cultural studies are spreading across the nations and communities today. A lot of initiatives are seen being taken by all communities in fostering interaction and harmony in India as well as in diverse developed countries of the world. We organize interfaith seminars to promote communal harmony and national integration. The speakers are requested to speak on values like love, truth, kindness, hospitality and tolerance in his faith and belief and not to criticize or compare it with other faiths or beliefs.

Joint Celebration of Festivals

Festivals are there in each culture. We try to ensure the participation of people belonging to other faith or culture in the festivals like Deepavali, Eid and Christmas. All these celebrations should be the time to unite and not to separate.

Rallies to Promote Communal Harmony

We organize rallies of students and youths in different parts of the nation to promote communal harmony and national integration. In 2007, our Coordinator of the Youth Wing Ms.Nidhi Sosa Kurian led a bullet journey from Kanyakumari to Kashmir to prmote communal harmony.

Competitions for Students

Youth and students are to be focused in the journey to promote communal harmony. They are people of harmony and they live in mutual cooperation. The influence of communal forces may deviate their minds. We organize competitions like drama, tableau, drawing, painting, logo designing, poster designing, slogan writing, essay writing, singing of patriotic songs, elocution, debate, quiz, paper presentation, etc to make their faith in communal harmony strong.

Oath Taking Ceremonies

The Harmony Creed affirms the values of love, tolerance, mutual respect and cooperation. We organize oath taking ceremonies in educational institutions. All programmes of the National Council for Communal Harmony begin with the invocation the Harmony Creed.