Harmony Chapters


‘Light of Love’ is a project of the National Council for Communal Harmony to promote love, harmony and secularism among the students and the youth. We have ‘Light of Love’ units in schools and colleges. The affiliated colleges and schools will get Affiliation Certificates. They conduct various cultural activities, competitions, inter faith seminars, etc. to promote the concept of love, peace and harmony among children. The best school and college units will be awarded at the District, State and National levels each year. Those who would like to start a unit of the ‘Light of Love’ in their institutions may submit the form given below. They will be contacted from our office.


National Council for Communal Harmony promotes harmony villages to ensure the peaceful coexistence between people of different communities. They celebrate different religious and traditional festivals together to improve the mutual respect and cooperation. The best villages will be awarded annually. Those who like to make their villages or towns harmony villages or towns are requested to send their details to ncchindia@gmail.com.


We believe

- In the uniqueness of each religion, faith and tradition;

- In the cultures of peace, justice and harmony;

- In the freedom of religion and the spiritual expression;

- In the oneness of humanity and nature;

- In interfaith co-operation and mutual respect;

- In healing and reconciliation to resolve conflict;

- And in the progress of the humanity through mutual understanding and support.


National Council for Communal Harmony (NCCH) needs volunteers in all parts of India. Those who are interested may send their detailed bio data to ncchindia@gmail.com. Volunteers will have to coordinate the works of NCCH in their area. It includes forming new Harmony Chapters.

National Council for Communal Harmony needs volunteers in all parts of India.